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From the year of 73

I will send these words to you

Can your tiny mobile phone

pick up all my deeper meaning?


The doorway of a church

a man’s heart is beating fast

‘Is she waiting there for me?

Here in 1973’


The Soviet leader

Is on the TV

And President Nixon

Is history

Look Pioneer 10 is approaching Jupiter

Moon covers the sun, and the soldier looks up leaving poor Vietnam.


From the year that we first kissed

I will send this news to you

Can your 18 inch screen

Pick up everything I’m seeing?


He’s walking down the aisle

She is hidden by her dad

‘Will he pass her on to me

Here in 1973’



I have seen the king of Rock and Roll

Live worldwide telecast

They should have known

He’d have more juice in him than Watergate


They are wrapping up the presidents

Two people holding hands

Outside a church

They cannot hold our love in acetate


Lead Vocal: Amos Clarke

Backing Vocals: Racquel

Classical and Electric Guitars, Bass and Wurlitzer: Juan José Legarda

Electric guitar solo: Didier Leboffe

Drums: Russell Robinson

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