Double Life

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Saturday morning
Beautiful day
I’m lying on the floor
It flashed before my eyes
My lucid double life
The finished chore

He played all the clubs
She played all of the people
(A) sweeter guy you would never have known
Had a smooth tenor voice
The kind that made all of the ladies cry

Please call me Billy, ‘coz it works for me
(The) Jazz man
No, he’s not hiring girls today

So, I led this ‘double life’
Now I’m the Poster Boy

Pretty Betty and his Kitty
Oh the boys

I love you

Oh my Cavaliers
How I’ll miss you
The Tipton Trio to-o
The Liberace show
I had to let it go
To hide my ruse

‘The love of my life’
How Betty she remembered
Though the sad accident was a lie
‘Can’t help lovin’ dat man’
It was the movie that would make me cry

Billy’s the name because it has to be
(The) Jazz band
Oh, they’re not hiring girls today

Now I’ve lost Sweet Georgia Brown
And Benny Goodman too

A friendlier guy
you’d never find one
Oh it’s true

We loved you

My name is Billy and it works for me
(The) Jazz man
He’s only hiring boys today

No more playing double life
Now I am ‘Flying Home’

Everybody knew that
Jazz was a man’s world

We loved you
Lyrics by Amos Clarke


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