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Could you listen to me, boy?

Lovely Rita is my love

Send me, please, a Valentine


I am in the mood for love

‘Cause today I’m sixty four

I feel fine


Drinking a bottle of wine

Thinking about her pretty eyes

And looking at this bluesy night

My lonely heart begins to smile Just for a while


You know Lucy is in the sky

With the sergeant and his band

Laughing, singing at the club


Billy Shears and Mr. Kite

Playing cards on trampoline

What a scene


Many people’s in the street

Waiting for Miss Lucy’s kiss

That usually is a ten to six

The family will all be there

With diamond rings

In the middle of the night

Henry the Horse will dance the waltz with you


Boy, look at the marmalade skies

With kaleidoscope eyes

Look, how the love is just in the air

In this misty and cloudy night

I saw a film today, oh boy

Not any army won the war

I read the news today, oh boy

Lucy has the sun in her eyes.


Lead Vocal: Tyson

Backing Vocals: Tyson

Guitars, Bass and Keyboards: Juan José Legarda

Drums: Dani Venegas

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