Miss Otis Secret

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With the fading sunlight
She’ll materialize
Watch her drifting towards you
Through the smoke in your eyes

She could kill in that dress
Wonder if she has?
In the twilight hours
She’ll take all that you have

When the lights go out
She will come alive again
With a smile and a wink
She is not what you think
But she’s everything you’re dreaming of

When the lights go out
Is it real or just pretend?
Under cover of night
With the moon shining bright
You will swear the music doesn’t lie
Till the fantasy comes to an end
And Miss Otis disappears again
She disappears again


Music: Juanjo Legarda

Lyrics: Chris Cron

Lead and Backing Vocals: Chris Cron. All the instruments: Juan José Legarda
*Based on a short story of Luis Escalante


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