Old Luis And The Typewriter

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Verse 1

Tapping out the beat

Grandfather is in the olden days

Fingers on the keys

They’ve been down these paths so many different ways

the promises we make


Chorus 1

Grandfather, why do you labour

when we’re in the modern times

Granddaughter this typewriter

is my old friend and here she stays.


Verse 2

Luis shakes his head,

opening the door to write again

Frozen in surprise

There upon his   desk the alien machine

with love from Angeline)


Chorus 2

Grandfather, I love you, And I

want you to see what I see

Granddaughter I hear you, but your

Future science will steal my words away


Bridge 1

Old Luis

wakes in a fright

tap tap

a ghost in the night is writing’

jumps up

runs to his room to find machines

sleeping side by side


Verse 3

Every single night

Tapping out the beat into his dreams

Turning on the light

Crashing through the door the same impassive scene

the old and new machines


Chorus 3

Granddaughter, please help me can you

hear them typing every night

Grandfather this story is the

strangest tale you’ve ever told to me


Bridge 2

Old Louis

wakes in a fright

tap tap

the ghosts in the night are fighting

jumps up

runs to his room to find that his

beautiful gift destroyed


Chorus End

Grandfather, what happened?

The new world I bought you torn apart

Granddaughter I’m sorry but my

Typewriter was jealous from the start


Grandfather what do you take me for?

We’re in the modern age.

Granddaughter, this crazy

old machine is mine

and here she’d better stay


Vocals: Josh Munnel. All the instruments: Juan José Legarda, except Drums: Paul Woods.

Lyrics: Dan Maitland (based on a short story of Luis Escalante 

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